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Welcome on our web site - Frezzotti Consulting
  • My name is Paolo Frezzotti, I'm an architect and designer, particularly experienced in integrating the artistic, scientific and economic issues of construction. I am not only a "conceptual architect", but also a technical architect can follow the project from the embryonic stage or concept to delivery "turnkey" of property.
  • Over time, I have had the opportunity to develop my professional skills in a number of areas which, for convenience, I will report by sector and that can be summarized as follows:

architectures designed and built

architectures designed and built - Frezzotti Consulting
  • Project manager and construction manager on site for the complex called Pianirossi SrL in the Municipality of Cinigiano (Grosseto, Tuscany). Series of tourist buildings with swimming pool.
  • Speedway Park Area: Civitanova Marche - transformation of a complex estate built according to the guidelines of bio-architecture and following the typological schemes of rural architecture of Marche.
    Design and execution of works with massive intervention of materials
    green building, and the solar plant for the production of hot water and systems of heating.System of automation applied to environments.

  • New design of new Marinas of Celle Ligure Municipality - Savona – Liguria – IT - 1986;

  • New design for the renovation of the interior and exterior of Cascina (rural construction) San Marchetto – Milan – IT –

My CV resume My CV resume [826 Kb]

consultant for asbestos surveying, testing, removal

consultant for asbestos surveying, testing, removal - Frezzotti Consulting

I have been an accredited consultant for asbestos surveying, testing, removal and management since 1990.

For the management of the asbestos problem, since 1995 i'm Advisor for L. Sacco Hospital of Milan, and from 2016 I'm Adviser Buzzi Hospital, Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Macedonio Melloni Hospital, always in Milan.
I am enabled as Director of Works for the Reclamation of asbestos and I'm also active in the field of Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

fire design

fire design - Frezzotti Consulting

  • I am a registered fire protection technician (registration number: MI 11231 A 00921) and to date I have presented 274 fire prevention reports, concerning heating systems, garages, buildings (height), electrical generators and gas decompression cabins.

Our Main Customers

Our Main Customers - Frezzotti Consulting
  • L. Sacco Hospital, Milan: Responsible for ordinary maintenance operations for asbestos-containing materials,
  • F.D.M. Srl (family-run property development company owned by Fratelli Del Mare, Del Mare 1911 Srl):
  • Remediation of a former ENEL SpA site in V.le Ortles 53 in Milan; this was their first Integrated Intervention Plan concerning the conversion of an ENEL power substation into residential property.
  • The project concerned the redevelopment of the current building volume (2750.00 sqm) plus a 5% increase for the construction of two buildings containing 48 apartments and parking spaces, and the renovation of the outdoor area.
  • DARP S.r.l. – Milan, Via Domenichino, 16
  • Conservation and remediation project for the “San Marchetto” farmhouse – Via San Marchetto, 20 – Milan.
  • Responsible for the design, planning and safety coordination in the functional recovery and residential conversion of a farmhouse with a total surface of approx. 1200.00 sqm.
  • Responsible for building and planning procedures and for the bureaucratic processes with the Parco Agricolo Sud of the Milan province.
  • MilanoFiori Assago (Milan) Business Park – Geom. Massimo Bollino – Building F/2
  • Responsible for planning and safety coordination for the maintenance of the external stairs of buildings F (1-6); A (2-7); B (4-8);
  • Responsible for planning and safety coordination for the renovation of the underground drainage system of the w.t.c. Centro Congressi building and of building B stairs 1-4, including preparation of the technical specifications and of the contract for the building contractor;
  • Safety coordination for the complete revision of the lighting network of the MilanoFiori business park;
  • Responsible for planning and safety coordination for the waterproofing of underground walls for building A/1-2;
  • Responsible for planning and safety coordination for the reclamation of the riverbed of the Naviglio Pavese in the Conca Fallata area for which the Business Park is responsible.
  • Tolcinasco/Golf Club Estate – Pieve Emanuele (MI), Loc. Tolcinasco
  • This is an urban complex developed around the Tolcinasco Castle, which has been regenerated with a large residential area immersed in the park of the Tolcinasco Golf Club, which includes approx. 113 hectares of parkland and recreational areas.
  • I was involved on multiple fronts: Regularizing the existing activities from a fire safety perspective.
  • Carrying out planned and emergency maintenance works within an environment protected by the Parco Agricolo Sud authority of the Milan Province and by the National Architectural and Landscape Conservation authority, thus needing to combine and to comply to multiple regulations.
  • Responsible for designing and planning the maintenance and replacement of the roof of the S. Madre di Dio Church located within the estate. The wood frame dates back to 1500 D.C. and had been strongly attacked by fungi, so a suitable project needed to be submitted to the Local and National conservation authorities to obtain the necessary approvals prior to planning the intervention.
  • Carrying out of the Planned Maintenance Schedule, following a long Due Diligence to ensure the value of the area is maintained over time.
  • 24/07/2024
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Frezzotti Consulting

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Frezzotti Consulting

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Frezzotti Consulting

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